Welcome to Meishan

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Meishan is in the southwest of Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Basin, and in the middle of Minjiang River. Adjoining to the capital city Chengdu on the north and Leshan on the south, near Neijiang,中国竞彩网英冠情报:普雷斯顿取得近7场正赛首胜, Ziyang and Zigong on the east and Ya’an in the west, it is a key area of Chengdu-Leshan Golden Gallery, and a major part of “Chengdu Plain Economic Circle”.Dongpo District where Meishan Municipal Government is located is only 70 km from Chengdu and 80km from Mt. Emei,中国足彩网竞彩16日法国杯推荐:洛里昂赢球进级,[新浪球通]应天足球赛事推举:意甲+英冠, and 60km from Leshan Grand Buddha; near Chengdu Shuangliu Airport about 40 km on the north, and Leshan Jetty for Large Cargo about 70 km on the south. Chengdu-Leshan Highway, National Highway No.213 and Minjiang Channel runs parallel through south to north in Meishan,外媒:华盛顿动物园4岁熊猫贝贝动身返回中国,俄罗斯不批准OPEC深入减产提议 油价盘中涨跌不一, and Ya’an-Hongya-Meishan-Renshou-Neijiang-Zigong (Provincial Highway No.106) runs across east to west, with Chengdu-Leshan (Leshan) Highway and Chengdu-Ya’an (Ya’an) Highway joining here too; County and town “beautiful standard road” road network is developed in link,基金早班车 饥渴的资金涌入FOF!这款“投基利器”1天, which enhances the road grade and capacity greatly; “grain-shaped” mainstay road network and “Half An Hour Economic Circle” is shaped as well as “An Hour Chengdu”. Chengdu-Kuming Railway from north to south runs through Pengshan County and Dongpo District, which is the main channel of goods and people for areas nearby. Therefore, the crisscrossed transportation network in all directions is formed.
Meishan Region is formally established in May 1997, governing the 6 counties set aside from Leshan – Meishan